Jan. 1st, 2008

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London had been a good break, for Jack and for Adam. Of course there was still a lot to be said for not exactly dealing with the issues at hand still, but Jack wasn't actually overly concerned about the past for the moment. He knew truthfully too well how it felt to be judged by prior actions, and he thought that if they could just move forward into the new year and deal with things as they came up, face each issue as it actually impacted their lives it might work for their benefit. It wasn't that Jack didn't trust Adam either, in fact due to the holidays and everything that they had spoken of Jack had more trust in Adam than he had before, and it was that exact sentiment that allowed him to continue hoping that he wasn't making a huge err in judgement.

He'd spend his days and sometimes nights at Torchwood, trying to still regain the trust of his people after he'd left them not just the once when he spent a year away that no one else remembered, but recently too. Off to Japan without much warning, a week around the holiday to London. Of course the holiday wasn't minded by the rest of them, but still he knew that given everything that had been going on for them, he was asking a lot in faith from them.

Thankfully New Years Eve was a night that Jack had already assured everyone they could take off early. In fact the case they'd been working on was wrapped up by a little after three in the afternoon and after two hours of them mostly bouncing their knees in anticipation to leave Jack just let them go.

Often there had been moments more recently where Jack had to wonder what Adam did all day. He knew the flat wasn't exactly the best place to spend all his time, and he hoped that he got out, and tried to see Cardiff, to see people the way Jack now saw them, that it wasn't entirely hopeless, and that there was a lot of redemption going on... not just in Jack himself.

Putting his coat on once more Jack headed out the doors of the Tourism shop and took the short drive from the Hub to his flat and shut the door behind him. His keys were placed on the hook near the door and he kept his jacket on as he moved through the flat, "Hey... did we have plans for tonight? Cause I've got an idea."


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