Jan. 17th, 2008

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So I'm going to do this because I can! HA! My good friend Anne who used to be on here as [livejournal.com profile] zoriah but left the land of LJ for message board run RPs and oh having a baby? Get out! But anyway I've recently tackled her via IM because I saw her screen-name pop up and I hadn't for so long. I mean case in point? She had a baby since last I talked to her! Regardless it seems The Lovely Australian Woman is a Torchwood/Doctor Who fan, and who in their right mind wouldn't be? Regardless she's decided to venture back into the land of LJ RP and has done so as Owen Harper.

So please help make her feel welcome back into the fold and check out [livejournal.com profile] imatwat! She's putting her toe back in the water and I'm thrilled to have her testing the shallow end... Jack says he takes offense to that, but really we all know it's true. That Owen will also probably be dropping into a few RP scenes now and again with me in one of my verses, as will MJ's Owen since I gave her a link to KKBB last night and she promised in a fit of ALLCAPS and I quote - *FLAIL* IF U GIVE ME LINK I GIVE U OWEN FOR WHENEVER! - unquote. Oh yes I almost have my Torchwood team all locked up. That's not to say I won't play with other TW members either, I just know that if I have a scene I need to do for whatever reason? I pretty much have a good core going and soon... yes soon I shall have them ALL I tell ya ALL OF THEM!!

So here are my peoples since really hopefully you all already know them:

Gwen Cooper [livejournal.com profile] cantsharethem
- She's just started writing Gwen, but I've RP'd with Stephy for about 2 years now? I've also met her and we stood in line to meet Tricia Hefler together! WHEE! She has Gwen here in Realm of the Muse and in Oncoming Storms!

Ianto Jones [livejournal.com profile] hofficoffi
- I adored her [livejournal.com profile] coffeemagic so much that apparently I got my own Ianto out of the gushing over him! Which I will NEVER EVER EVER complain about. Also those of you talking to Harriet Jones over in SWS the other day wondering WHO IS THAT AMAZING [livejournal.com profile] flydalenorth? Right here. Harriet Jones player.

Owen Harper [livejournal.com profile] imatwat
- Trying out LJ RP again and this sort of interaction, so make her feel welcome like you all made me feel welcome. She used to be the Jayne to my River those of you that have read [livejournal.com profile] _notahero_ scenes that we did. And she was [livejournal.com profile] _hawkeye_ in TM a while back too!

Martha Jones [livejournal.com profile] notquiteadoctor
- That's right. Screw canon putting her in as a guest star. Jack wanted her full time in BOTH verses Adam and Canon, so needless to say? He hired her. Plus I thought it'd be funny to have Owen clearly outnumbered by women that wouldn't sleep with him. Plus it helps having someone to talk about OH the year that didn't happen with.

I am still seeking out a Toshiko.

Then there is MJ's Owen that now Jack gets to abuse HA HA!! and of course I love [livejournal.com profile] torchwoodgwen and really need to try and get a scene going with her at some point. So there you have it! Team Torchwood and Sarah Jane Smith stop rolling your eyes. They are not inept.
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Maybe I'm late on the boat? But seriously? It was free. I work at a radio station and the odds of this just falling into my lap the way it did today? Highly Hilarious. Especially. ESPECIALLY the context of a few comments between the Doctor and Jack all MOAR IRONICAL. I mean I see the CD on the stack of "icky" that no one ever takes and I'm thinking What are the odds that it's THAT SONG... and it WAS. So I share. I share with you all!!

Voodoo Child - Rogue Traders

[of course this post is ooc. Jack has nightmares of this song. He hates me right now.]
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"All say, "How hard it is that we have to die" - a strange complaint to come from the mouths of people who have had to live".

- Mark Twain

He's going out in a blaze of glory. Truthfully ever since meeting the Doctor it seems the only fitting way to go. Guns blazing, taking down as many Daleks as he can possibly even see. Then it takes them but a second and he's taken down. No more life to live, no more breath to pull in. He won't kiss another single mouth again and even in that moment lying on the floor the darkness surrounds him. Takes him in and the chill of that darkness beckons him onward. Still something feels right... and even though he's not sure what it is he can still feel a slight buzz of something against his skin. That warmth pulling him away from the darkness and into a glow of yellow light because the words he's just heard whispered to him feel like they're a mile away even though they press the hairs on the back of his neck upward.

"I bring life..."

It's still echoing in his mind when he pulls that first breath back into his lungs and he's alive once more. Even that sudden shock of his heart beating once more doesn't shake that darkness off of him. Standing up his arms brush against bare forearms trying to shake that feeling of death off of him as he realizes there are no more Daleks... no army waiting... no invasion imminent on the front lines... nothing at all.

Nothing except that sound. That all too familiar sound of the TARDIS getting ready to leave and he could've sworn that he had sent her and the TARDIS back... back to safety... back to...

Where he couldn't remember what song was playing. He's not even sure why he's thinking about it, or what even triggered the memory but he's pretty sure that the Doctor's left him behind and now all he can think of is that night at the club. All three of them had gone out, just to unwind to celebrate a job well done.

He'd seen him there, and not just seen him there in the usual sense, but it wasn't a simple answer to have in his mind either. Because now Jack realizes how important that day was to the Doctor... how it must have fit into the grand scheme of things because that was the last time all three of them were together.

His back hits the wall behind him suddenly as if he hadn't even realized that he was taking those small steps in retreat from the truth. He had been left behind, and the Doctor knew it would happen... Not only did he know it was going to happen but that it would happen so soon that the night he visited meant something to him... something enough that he had to draw back on it, even risking a paradox to do it.

Jack had died... he'd been brought back by some unknown force... and that Doctor knew... and this Doctor still left him behind. All the thoughts swirled into his head and tried to sort out their own insane theories, but all he knew was that somehow... somewhere was a Doctor that had the truth about what had just happened, about why he was back... and why he got left behind.

Still leaning against the wall he let his back slide down until he was seated on the floor, his finger tracing against he leather swatch covering his Vortex Manipulator. It was a shot in the dark and he knew it... the damn thing hadn't been working right for the past month... ever since... ever since he met the Doctor.

It couldn't be that simple, and still he had a feeling it was all too complicated as well. Shutting his eyes he risked it all for a single answer... for the single thought that he wasn't about to let that dance be the last one he had. He wasn't going to become a memory that lived on while everyone else died... because he was still alive.

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January 2008 Prompt Content )
[This is the list of posts Jack needs to do, or has done in the month of January for prompt communities. Rather than tallying it all up at the end of the month I realized it's a bit easier for me to figure out what I need to do if I just start this at the beginning and add to it as I go along. It's tagged so if anyone ever wants to go back to it they can!]
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I filled out an application that said, "In Case Of Emergency Notify". I wrote "Doctor"...

He's needed the right sort of Doctor for a while now... a long while. Most of the time he thinks it's been too long to even put a timeline too, which of course is silly since he's pretty sure that timelines don't matter to Time Lords. Still he's needed that answer... that truth since the day on Satellite Five and jumping all the way back to the beginning clearly didn't help him find out those answers, but it helped him find out a few other things.

Not being able to die would be the first. Then all the skills he opted to pick up once he realized he wasn't going to die. When he was a Time Agent it was always a bit of a rush to get things done. Pulled into worlds where time moved slower... quicker... blurrier... now all he had was one set timeline to just live each day as it came and God it was slow. It was so slow that at times he thought he might even go mad thinking about the fact that in another day he'd just wake up and be around for another day and another and probably another after that.

There were things to fill those gaps of time though. The random love affair that lasted long enough for Jack to realize that it couldn't go much further than where he'd taken it simply because in another ten years while he's still sporting that cheeky grin and dashing looks his companion might be graying a bit and wondering just what sort of thing has happened to him. So he keeps the distance and the distance begins to hurt more than not even having the contact in the first place. And that realization is a sad cold day for him to think that being alone is easier... that being alone is simpler.

So the time slips by him and he waited and now he's not so alone in Cardiff, he's got the hand too. All pruning up in that water that Gwen keeps looking at trying not to ask, but he can tell she's just dying to ask him again. Clearly it's not his... he's got two, and he's not really sure if he wants her guessing where else it could belong... not that it wouldn't be interesting for one of those slow nights at the Hub. Still he's just waiting... trying to figure out just what he's going to say when he finally gets to see him once more.

Because he knows he'll see him... it's something that even his own timeline can't deny him he figures and even if it's not in the cards just yet. He's put himself in the best seat at the table and the dealer button is right on the rift and all he has to do is wait... for the right sort of Doctor to show up with all the answers... with the way to just... fix him.


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