Jan. 21st, 2008

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So apparently winning a handful of awards for being a couple wasn't enough Adam and I have gotten a cat. Now of course I'm going to explain to you that there are plenty of animals out there that need rescuing. In Cardiff alone there were three different shelters that I was able to track down and I'm pretty sure if we had gone to the other two we would've ended up with more animals. However we went to SHUA (Safe House for Unwanted Animals) first and opted to just go with the first one that Adam we stared to bond with.

Now Adam's named her after a Welsh Goddess, because she's a Welsh cat. Cerridwen is what we put on all the paperwork, but trust me I'll be calling her Cerri Owen. I figured it was time to have female that could be found in my flat on a regular basis that wasn't Elena the cleaning woman. Who I really hope isn't allergic to cats.

Now I'm going to put up one picture of the furball, and then that's it. There will not be an icon for her either, you should be thankful I won't be robbing you of one more chance to look at me. Trust me Livejournal already has enough cat pictures and that [livejournal.com profile] canhasprompts should get the attention for cute cat pictures, not Cerri Owen. And yes I stole it from the SHUA website since I seemed to have lost the cable that goes from the camera to the computer. Either that or I brought it to the Hub and totally forgot to bring it back. Also sorry to anyone that has this popping up on their list from me and Adam.

Cerridwen "Cerri" "Owen"
at 12 weeks DOB 10.23.07


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