Feb. 1st, 2008

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It had been a long weekend and apparently it was bleeding into the week too. Jack had watched time get nearly ripped apart and when it was all said and done he ached for the normalcy of life. To just have a spot to know that was his and that he actually did belong somewhere despite half the time not feeling like he did. The Rift pulled at him every so often, tempted him with the thought of what could be... or when it could be for him. John showing up, everything else slipping away from him he was thankful, no he was grateful that he had one thing as a constant in his life.

Technically he had one constant and one constant ball of fuzzy energy in his life now but the fuzzy ball of energy was winning most of the battles in the flat. The battle of Jack's Belt, went to the fuzz. The battle of the corner of the closet door, unfortunately went to the closet door, but ultimately the cat put up a good fight and the door was going to need to be refinished. The only battle Jack was willing to watch him lose to the cat was how freaking adorable the thing made Adam. It was amazing to see that such a small little ball of fur and teeth... and tiny claws that reminded him of just how sharp they were at two in the morning, could make Adam just smile so much. Which in turn made Jack smile all the more.

Pushing the door open slowly he glanced to the floor to make sure she wasn't right there and shut it behind him. It was pretty quiet but he had a feeling that would change in a minute. Reaching into his pocket he dropped the small bell thing onto the floor. Clearly a signal for a new battle to start. Toys in the house didn't last too long with the cat. She was part Piranha if you asked Jack.

"Adam?" Jack called out as he heard the cat's claws tear into the hardwood floor trying to get to the sound of the jingle to size up it's newest foe.


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