May. 11th, 2008

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When I created the small dinky planet of Haalis and their line of Gimbus drinks it was for one fiction piece. ONE excuse to get the Doctor and Jack into the shower together when the Doctor was drunk. Since that point it has become an ongoing point of reference for my personal amusement in trying to come up with all 72 of them, plus the negative series. Why I had Jack say there were 72? I have no clue. However in doing so I've created some rather humorous plot points and little tie-ins that I just simply love.

Recently I watched Doctor Who 406, and in true Christina Fashion apparently added another DW character to my already many. In my personal LJ I made the following statement:

Doctor Who Companions Collect the Whole Set [mickey sold seperately]

Because I do have a Rose, Jack, Donna (I have an inner Martha that has yet to give me a proper journal name) and now I have a Jenny. [ profile] love_therunning

Now you can see the issue is that I have Jack. Jack says Hello and Jenny goes "Hi!" She's very enthusiastic this one.

So I expressed the concern to my fellow Who-Fan and there was adamant NO coming from their Doctor. Well a bit of JACK NO! paired with maybe a OMFG-NO! HAA.

So I had to do it anyway. Enter.. Haalis. Where everybody knows your name.

Jenny - Meets Jack - On Haalis - with Gimbus


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