Jun. 10th, 2008

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[This is in response to this]

Apparently My Lady has opted to throw a party for all the females of... the WORLD, and has excluded men from this event. Clearly the last thing women in their underwear want is our presence. What were we thinking. So I'll be hosting a party to counter that one. Guys only. Same date. June 15th. Drop the hens off there and come have a smoke or drink and deal a round of cards.

[ooc: clarification. I said Jack wasn't allowed to start any new threads until he'd finished the old ones. He argued how can it be his month if he's not allowed to play? I narrowed my gaze. He smiled. Well... I'm sure you all know how well that went. Anyway this'll be entertaining to see how I can manage running this and attending Reinette's as well as any.. potential... chaos. Also verse specific for my own brain? I'm making this CT-verse Jack just so it's easier for me to balance that while Reinette is having her party he's having his as fair play. Trust me guys night in any other verse would not be an open party. It'd be either him and Adam, or him and the Doctor. This makes it more... open? Sure! But even still please bring whoever you want, Jack claims he'll be as flexible as ever!]

ETA:[moar ooc: I swear. the only ONLY reason I said it was CT Jack cause it was funnier in my head for him to counter his "girlfriends" party with his own. Like fair play. That said? It's still a very much open verse. Even within this post's comments he's being very much a "keeping all verses in mind" and I don't want someone to worry about "which verse" they fit into. The notation was mostly for my own brain as far as future potential for CT prompts. Jack says "IF YOU BRING THEM I WILL..." and I go DO NOT finish that sentence. This extra OOC is all Zara's IANTO'S fault. :P haaa!! TAKE THAT IANTO!]


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