Jun. 25th, 2008

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It doesn't matter what he was doing that day. Either of them could've been miles apart, at various times of the day. Art museums taking in a painting he hasn't seen in centuries or dank underground tunnels with an odor that he prays doesn't linger on the skin. It doesn't matter though, it all stays behind when they enter the door.

Twelve steps to check the water for the cat, and another ten to the couch. Fingertips find their way into hair, curling against knuckles and threading to the join of fingers. Nails drag lightly as the hand pulls away. The briefest contact that means so much more. The weight of a body leans against the backs of furniture pieces letting the day fade into another piece of history. That's all it ever becomes to them. Individual events that make up points in history that they'll look back at with a bit of fondness not for the events themselves, but for the moments when they let those points of existence just exist around them instead of with them.

They push past it, above it, around it, and against it if it seems like the struggle might be worth it. All it takes is a glance, sometimes less but Jack knows that the struggle is sometimes all he craves. That resistance to what was meant to be, that push of a fight making it seem like something is worth the effort. That to chose is more than just a priviledge it's a chance for something new, something different.

All it takes is ten minutes to change the world.

All it takes is one second to make a choice.

All it takes is one breath to change a life.


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