Jul. 13th, 2008

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So the last ooc post I made I claimed June was Jack Month. Those of you that I owed tags to? Realized that Jack month failed miserably. I've been struggling trying to figure Jack out with the events of the past season. I'm not sure if it's because I thought they relied a bit heavily on Joss Whedon plots... or if it was just so much to happen to Jack emotionally or what, but I just got stuck.

Long-Winded Explaining )

For all intent and purposes Captain Jack Harkness works for Torchwood. He has a flat outside the Hub which he shares with Adam Monroe and living quarters in the Hub. Since returning to Torchwood after the events on the Valiant his team has been studying rift activity and keeping control of the Weevil population. His team consists of Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato, Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones and on occasion the lovely Martha Jones has been known to assist. The events of S2 for all intent and purposes have not transpired for Jack as of this date. He's been biding his time, digging up boyfriends, and doing the usual Torchwood thing.

The reason for this is that I personally need to sort out where Jack is and deal with each part of his new canon and how it fits into what I need him to be. It's selfish and possibly non-canon but I don't actually care. I've always enjoyed the Jack I write, and currently I don't think I've been doing so hot on that front in the RP land. (though thank you to everyone that attempted to keep me tagging in the cigar bar thread, I thought it would kick start him but the stuck was a lot more profound than I thought it was)

So starting this Wednesday I'll be taking each episode of S2 one by one and trying to work it into my canon. 2x01 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang dealt with Jack's return, but since I'm saying that he's been back all this time it's simply going to be a split of the episode. The return part happened back in November but not with John Hart and all that. Just with a standard problem/issue.

Those that want to play along with me are more than welcome to. Those that prefer to keep to their sides are also more than welcome to. I just know that with the summer now, and the fact that next year there will only be five new episodes due to the move to BBC1 I need to do something or else I'll just go prompt only, and I really *really* don't want to do that at all.

So the events of each episode will go forward, and I'll make sure that things are clearly tagged. (M-W I'll be redoing all of his tags so that you'll know which episode I'm on because I'm not expecting to just rush through them all.)

My goal is to fill the gap, and get actual interaction back with him. I want to pace it and give him time to let things settle and sink in because man if team Torchwood had to deal with all of that in just a 13 week span? They'd quit for sure. There will be downtime, there will be visiting friends. Anna you are coming to Cardiff for sure during this. Jack will pick between two safer episodes. Things that I wasn't happy with in canon will be shifted. If you don't agree with the direction I take him? Don't read it.

I'm taking Jack back dammit, and he claims it's a long time coming.

SO... comment here with questions, concerns, problems you have with this. Maybe there was a scene you want to make sure that I touch on with your muse, those dropped threads of reactionary? We can retouch on them when we get there but all of this is going to be in the verse where Jack is with Adam. I need to find Jack, and Jack needs to find Adam and where he is in all of this. Owen if you want a different path, Toshiko same thing... Adam's blood HEALS. Just let me know if you are like horribly opposed to this otherwise I hope to work through S2 with you all.


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