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Hey everyone I keep getting notified that some of my accounts are about to lose their extra icons (or already have) and normally I just go ahead and do it, but I figured since right now you can give the gift of paid time and get icons added in for free I'd make an offer out there to those that watch/read/whatever with Jack.

I'm offering up my graphical skills in lieu of donations toward her (and others) account! If you provide the screencaps I can make you Non-Sharable icons! I can make you a Header for your journal! I can make you icons, and a header and code it into a layout for you! I'll complete them all as they come in and turn around time shouldn't be more than two-three days.

I have lots of accounts too so really this isn't a first come first serve thing. I'll do things for other people for gifts too. Why not! It's the holidays! Comments are screened, and feel free to link this around to whoever you think my be interested I'm not really gonna post this up too many places. Probably here and Elle's journal.

If you want to do this just leave me the following information:

Your Name:
Your Email:
Your Request:
Who the Request is for:

Then provide this:

Icons: Screencaps & any special requests. ie: black and white, with text (please provide)
(for anyone wanting me to do manipulations for ships, or shipper icons please just comment and I'll see what I can do for you, but I will set a donation expectation for that sort of work)

Headers: Images (the bigger the better) Text request (lyrics, quotes, whatever) If you want the journal name anywhere on the graphic. Color preference (ie: Dark colors. Light Colors. Lots of Red.)

Layouts: Images (the bigger the better) Text request (lyrics, quotes, whatever) Will be Expressive just like this one (with an Image Map if the account is paid and if that's the case I need to know what links you want placed into the navigation ie: update/friends/recent etc)

I'll email you to let you know that I got your request and give you an estimate of when I'll have it completed. Once it's complete I'll email you everything. For headers and layouts you'll have one shot to make any changes to the graphic, though it's going to be at my discretion if I redo the entire thing) Once it's complete you can either ask who gets the gift of paid time, or send me an LJ Gift Certificate. YAY! This offer expires on December 23rd (so that I can get them done by Christmas if they are gifts for others) but you can make special pleas to me post that but before the end of the year because that's when LJ stops giving the free extra icons with paid time!
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