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About my character:

Name: Captain Jack Harkness
Age: 2155 (If you use 35 as his "age" at the time he originally died)
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Omnisexual - He doesn't care about species or sex.
Special abilities: He never dies, at least not permanently. He smells really good, naturally.
Allergies, fears, Achilles heels, and other issues: Tends to take the blame.

My character has canon knowledge of: (Please put a check in the box.)

[ ✓ ] The supernatural. (Vampires, demons, witches, angels, ghosts.)

[ ] Evolved humans. (People have enhanced strength, telepathy, telekinesis, etc.)

[ ✓ ] Life on other planets. (Aliens!)

[ ✓ ] Advanced technology.

[ ✓ ] The future.

[ ] Other. (I will explain in my notes.)

I give other characters in El Dorado permission to:

Injure my character physically...

[ ✓ ] If it’s a minor wound.

[ ✓ ] If it’s a serious wound.

[ ] Only if they have discussed the extent of the injury with me first.

[ ✓ ] As often as you’d like; they’ll heal immediately.

Invade my character’s mind...

[ ] Through persuasion or some other power of suggestion.

[ ] Via mindreading.

[ ] By manipulating their memories.

[ ] By erasing their memories.

[ ✓ ] Only if they have discussed what they plan to do to my character first.

Enter my character’s suite unannounced...

[ ✓ ] Whenever they want.

[ ✓ ] If it’s an absolute emergency.

[ ✓ ] If it’s plotted out in advance.

[ ] If they promise not to take anything.

- Note: Both characters in a suite must have matching options for their room to be enter-able.

Do random things to my character, such as...

[ ] Impersonate them.

[ ] Detect how they are feeling.

[ ] Detect whether or not they are being truthful.

[ ] Replicate their ability (if they have one).

[ ✓ ] Have visions/dreams/ideas about things that may happen to them in the future.

[ ✓ ] Expose them to magic - real or otherwise.


I would prefer that my character never be involved in scenes that could include...

I would prefer a warning if my character is involved in a scene that could include...

I have additional information that the other writers should be aware of regarding my character:

I'm open to pretty much anything, just IM me first or email me. onlysayinghello = AIM
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