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I was only saying 'hello'...

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"I was only saying hello..."

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Disclaimer: I am not John Barrowman, nor do I know him. I don't make any claim to know him, I just happen to fancy the smirking gentleman and his portrayal of a fictional character named Captain Jack Harkness. Jack is a work of fiction created by Russell T. Davies for the show Doctor Who. He was so fantastic and amazing though that he got his own show Torchwood. Which is why of course I have chosen to take up the lovely habit of writing all creative and such in that same voice of a character. Now I of course don't make any money from this, it's all just purely for entertainment purposes. So don't sue me, because you wouldn't get anything anyway. Except some mismatched socks. Jack is played by Lollobrigida. His layout has been coded by her with help from av8rmike at S2Expressive

All IMs to OnlySayingHello can be answered in character.
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