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"Anomaly... like that's specific," Jack shook his head, tapping on the dial of his wrist cuff, trying to get something more than the one single word to come up on the display. Shrugging up a shoulder he shook his wrist, thinking maybe it'd Etch-a-Sketch itself some information. It didn't work, shame too, that would've been a neat trick.

Glancing up toward the sky, Jack pressed the edge of his hand to his forehead, a slight attempt to block the sunlight from his eyes, "Two suns... might even get a chance to work on my tan."

Turning around he got a look around and realized he was near the edge of a treeline, no doubt the forest behind him and the city in front of him. Just a matter of walking toward whatever was civilized and taking a bit of inventory. Asking the right questions, to the right person and he might be done with 'Pylea' before nightfall.

The ground wasn't too uneven, but his steps still picked up their pace as he moved down the hill. The city wasn't much, a bit rustic if anything. Glancing down to his coat he wondered just how much he'd have to explain away.

"You there! Cow! Why are you away from your master, where's your collar!"

Jack turned around a bit, trying to find some stray bovine that had wandered off a farm. He didn't see anything at all though, just a large, very loud, man wearing a tunic of sorts staring him down.

"Excuse me, I didn't see your livestock... or, maybe it's something else altogether," Jack replied, lifting an eyebrow up curiously. He was trying to run through the phrasebook he'd glanced at before opting to skip a few missions ahead on his to-do list. Pylea was new, different, and apparently lacking in proper fashion. Tilting his head he was shocked when the man placed a firm grip to his shoulder, "Uhm..."

"I asked you a question cow. Where is your master?"

Cow. Cow. Jack tried to run through the list quickly, because he was pretty sure that he hadn't heard anything about Pylea being a Bondage planet. Those were all mostly off in the fourth quadrant. He was into some different things, but livestock-fetish just never actually sat right with him. "I think you must be confused, the name's Captain Jack Harkness and I'm trying to-"

Jack was cut off abruptly as the grip on his shoulder loosened and the man fell to the ground, a small brunette girl stood behind him, a shovel in her hand, pressing her glasses up the bridge of her nose for a moment before looking behind her.

Clearly she had just knocked this man out and was either looking to see if she could clobber Jack as well, or... no wait, this didn't look right.

"It's alright, I'm not going to hurt you. I promise, just tell me what's going on."


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