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The hushing sound cut through the Hub and right into the entry way where he was listening to that sound along with the heavy gears turning to close the vault like doorway. He was listening to that sound along with noticing that it was pretty much dark in the Hub other than the slight glow of a few cores still humming with life and energy tied into the Rift itself.

He was listening to the hushed tones in the pitch dark of the Hub that was lit with from the glow of the cores in tune with the Rift... oh and the giant glow from the back office... to be more specific his office.

The giant glow that was moving and varying in brightness.

His hand rested to the grip of his gun still tucked into the holster as he moved... with caution... toward the light. His mind ran through the different things it could be.

Byzaan which wouldn't be so bad... just the smell after it was dead would take at least a month to clean up.

Aallyyzz which mostly would just fade out in time, that was actually preferred just to see if Ianto could pronounce it. Jack filed that away for future use as well... just in case he was bored.

It could've been a Sprag, or a Fliaigham... or it could be...


His hand moved away from his gun his head tilted to the side to see the cake on his desk with what looked like a fire hazards worth of candle shoved into it.

"What? Nooo... oh no, this is... this is celebratory!"

Jack's expression shifted to one of mild annoyance bordering on near amusement as Gwen tried to recover.

"It's redundant, trust me. Besides," he continued as he moved toward his desk almost as if the giant fire on his desk wasn't even there. "It's not my birthday."

"Oh come now Jack, we're expected to know that sort of thing? Your name isn't even yours!"

"Is too. I took it fair and square, and look I don't expect you to know that sort of 'thing' as you put it, but really... birthday cake? Candles? How many is that anyway?"

Ianto tried to hide the laughter, but Gwen was already tugging on his sleeve hiding her own smile.

"How many?"

Ianto shook his head trying to regain some sort of composure, "Eight hundred and forty eight. We bought more... but the cake wasn't going to be able to stand the temperature. Surely the sugar would've crystallized in the glaze."

"So I repeat... redundant and inaccurate."

"Oh come on Jack, all that's been going on? We needed a bit of a party. You've missed I bet many a birthday, we're making up for it."

Jack glanced to Gwen for the moment trying to consider the situation, the circumstances... it was a nice gesture, but he just... never was big on birthdays. Well birthday suits... just not birthdays.

"Alright, but you're insane if you think I'm going to blow all those out," Jack remarked looking at the cake that was nearly consumed by the flickering flames on the candles.

"What.. not enough hot air?" Gwen teased.

"You. Be lucky you've got Rhys that sort of attitude would get you nowhere," Jack teased right back before he took another look at the cake. "No seriously, how are we even going to-"

He was cut off as the burst came from the fire extinguisher that Ianto was brandishing.

"And now the cake is ruined!"

Gwen laughed, "We figured it'd be anyway. Got another in the other room. Candle free."

Jack shook his head, "So this was just to... what?"

"I believe we were looking for entertainment."

"Yeah, that bit."

Jack shook his head once more at the two of them, "Like this place isn't enough you have to nearly set my desk on fire for my fake birthday."

"I think-"

"Yeah I mean-"

"Yeah, I'm with Gwen on this one."

"We say yes."

"Fine, but just don't forget I actually know when you're birthdays are."
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His hand is gripping to the pipe, nearly a foot over his head. Palm pressing hard against the small button that was supposed to be keeping the release valve open nearly three blocks down the hallway. The cramping in his arm wasn't so bad really, he'd figured that if he was going to get a cramp from this it might as well be from holding something hard in his hand for an hour.

It was also a far cry from being hung up by chains. That was getting old.

His other hand shifted into his line of sight, wrist twisting around so that he could check the time. "Come on!!" Jack shouted down the long span of hallway hearing his voice echo against itself and finally fading into nothing. Shaking his head he checked in on his comms, "Ianto... do we even know if this is gonna happen?"

"It's on record of occurring at least three other times. I'd like to guess that the answer would be yes."

Jack growled at the reply nearly beneath his breath. He was frustrated, and he was tired of this sort of thing being 'his role' on the team. Oh he understood the why of it, and really it usually made perfect sense. It just didn't mean he actually had to like it. In fact of all the things he could be doing at almost two thirty in the morning, really... this was not it.

"Jack? You okay down there Jack?"

Gwen's tone cut in briefly and he nodded as if maybe his head rattling could pass through the comms and ease her mind, "Just peachy Gwen. Things still clear up there?" Gwen had been sent to the bridge over the damn, and he was hoping that she was still a good safe distance away from anything.. should anything happen.

"Rift activity in two... one... it's opening now."

"Finally," Jack intoned as he heard Toshiko coming in from the Hub. Jack let go of the release and sure enough the ground started to shake above him. Silt from between the crevices shifted down into his hair, his hand instantly going to shake it free. "Anything up there?"

"Negative Jack. It's clear here."

Jack shook his head. It was just another hoax. The rift was opening every so often sure... taking people maybe, leaving things behind perhaps... but sometimes it just opened and that was that. This was probably that. "Gwen?"

Jack waited for the reply but heard nothing. His steps paused and he heard her name repeated by Owen, in his ear. "Jack... I'm going to her."

"Dammit!" Jack cursed himself as he started to head toward the opening in the tunnels, but there was something else coming. Quickly too and he wasn't even sure if he was hearing it right. The low hiss of air... maybe a push... or a slosh of sound.

Before he could even turn around to look he knew what it was, the flood gates were being opened and the spill over was flooding through the tunnels. Which was exactly why he was the one down there.

That whole.. just in case factor. Shaking his head he stopped running, "Guys... give me a minute. Ianto you head to Owen, Toshiko? Track where this tunnel I'm in lets out... just in case."

"Got it Jack."

But by then the water had already taken out his comms and flooded into his lungs. He took in deep gulps of it. Trying not to fight it. Trying not to make it to the surface to breathe it in. Die now and take the ride, or fight and struggle for however many minutes. It was never a choice he liked, never a choice he even wanted to even think of, but if was his choice to make.

His body carried with the water, lifeless and limp until it slammed into the metal grating near the over flow lake that wasn't too far from the dam. His coat waterlogged and his lungs coughing up fluid that he really didn't want to taste in the morning he reached up to grab a hold of the lever to let himself out.

His team still had a good fifteen minutes before -

"What just happened?" Jack asked, his arm once more raised above his head, cramping up... holding that release valve. Which well... did nothing. He knew that now... now because... it...

"Status?" His comm was working again... and he was dry?

"Sorry Jack? We just had rift activity? I- I don't know what else I should monitor."

"Where's Gwen?!"

"Here Jack. Nothing's gone on here though."

"Okay... uh..." Glancing to his watch he noted the time... almost fifteen 'til three in the morning. Same time. Letting go of the valve release he flipped open his wrist strap and compared the times. "Three-oh-two..." the words breathed just below his breath.

"Time loop," he relayed to his team. "We've got five minutes, I'm coming to where you're at Gwen." Dropping the open line he shrugged it off. He hated time loops, and he hated the Rift even more because of them. But if it gave him a second chance... one that actually meant he could fix something, he'd take all the repeating three am's he could have.


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