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The Gower : Cathays - Cardiff, Wales
[legal drinking age = 18]
Brewery Information: Brains

Jack was looking forward to the event, though the slight ribbing he'd been getting most the week about how he'd copied off of the ladies would never grow tiresome he thought it was at least something to keep himself occupied, and otherwise avoiding their party. There were plans of mischief that had no doubt been springing up to his mind, but he'd stowed those all away for the time being.

Instead Jack focused on the evening, making sure that The Gower was booked and prepared for however many decided to join them. Their was a smoking room toward the back, which Jack also made sure was stocked with some of a private collection gifted to him during a back room meeting that shall remain as secret as it was during that war. He'd made sure to alert the staff that evening that some guests might seem a bit... unique, and that some would be bringing their own beverages as well. Extra room was made in the coolers and it seemed that for something that had the potential to be an evening to remember, it wasn't very much work in setting it up.

Glancing at the strap on his wrist, which was more than just an oversized watch, he figured his friends would be arriving at any moment. Which was good, since of all the people Jack knew, and for all the time he spent just waiting for things, he was certainly not very patient anymore.

[ooc: Uh. Show up? Drink Beer? Have fun? Sure.. that covers it. Oh don't be mean! OH some information on The Gower for you all! Built in 1895 apparently as a railway station building. In the 1950's, it had a kitchen in a part of the current bar, with a hatch (now bricked up) that sold food and drink to the outside World. A ghost called Henry apparently haunts the lounge.]


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