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A series of hand signals. A plan in the works for almost a year. A woman, tirelessly crossing the world to spread a single word. All of it adding into one single moment that even Jack thought he'd never see the likes of again. Of all the things he's seen, through the lives he'd lived and taken and lost... he was positive this was a moment that would forever last with him.

Though truthfully to watch it all as some sort of spectacle he expected something far different. He wanted to see the Doctor make the choice no one else felt they had the right to. He wanted the man that had killed part of the population to at least be apologetic for his wrongs, to see that he was wrong. He wanted the man that had chosen a fate for the rest of the world and placed his ideals into them to be shown that it wasn't the way. He wanted the man that had kept him in chains for a year killing and rekilling him over and over again to suffer the way he felt he had. The thousand lives he'd lived over a year never even scratching the surface of just how angry this all made him.

Jack wanted a vengeful Doctor. He wanted that man that he often disagreed with the choices of to finally make the one that was right. Jack wanted to see the suffering of humanity soothed with the retribution of a single choice. It would've been fair. It would've been just.

Instead though the unkind act is repaid upon the one man who didn't do any of that at all. He didn't seek revenge on the acts of the man before him. He instead forgave. He gave a second chance, only to watch the last connection he had to a world he'd lost fade away by choice. It was the most unfair part of the entire event, because Jack knew that he could've acted differently. He could've seen the man the way the rest of them did, as a representation of the year they'd all suffered through. He could've been forceful and no one would've faulted him for it.

Instead he forgave. Instead he set a precedent and left the one thing that Jack has kept with him all this time now. It wasn't the sight of the Doctor lifted into the lights of hope and faith... it was the thought that even the Master deserved forgiveness. It wasn't that a single word could change the fate of a world, it was that an offer of forgiveness... after everything... could be so unwanted.

It would've been fit to make him suffer, to put upon him the same fate that Jack had been sent to, and Jack wouldn't had any issue with that at all. Now though he knows that he also has no issue with the forgiveness, because in that moment the Doctor lost more than Jack had with all the deaths he was forced to live through.


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