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Despite having a wonderful time as the opposite sex Jack was thoroughly convinced that enough was indeed enough and he was really tired of having to sit in order to go to the bathroom. Highly inefficient was what came to mind, along with the fact that there no longer was that option to ask Owen to 'pull over' so he could relieve himself on route somewhere. No now it was a procedure, and it involved sanitation issues and indoor plumbing.

Indeed enough was finally enough for Jack, even with the visit to New York and the run in with a few that were less than strangers before that evening. Now he was pressing bitten down nails against his forehead as he scanned over more files and documents trying to sort out what he could have missed.

A full blood work up had been run. Every toxic screen they could think of to run within the confines of Torchwood had been run, and now Jack was looking at the list of naturally occurring plants and vegetation that resided in the area that he had found... and torched the Tachkrin in. Gwen had been trying to track down another plant, Owen and Tosh were both running whatever they could in house and Jack was pretty sure he just needed a new set of eyes on the matter.

Which of course reminded him that when he got back from New York he should have called Martha straight away, but for some reason his mind had wandered during the events of the party and thinking of her now was just like happenstance.

Grabbing his cell he sent her a text message,

Leaning back in his chair he wished it would hang back further but the slender frame didn't have the same body weight to it, so it just felt pointless. So instead he let his feet slip out of the shoes Gwen loaned him and pressed bare feet against the ledge of his desk trying to force the lean back a bit further. Although the sight of his slender legs was going to be a distraction of a different kind for a while as he contemplated shaving them again while he waited for Martha to either show up, or call for a pick up... or call to cancel.
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Hey, you've reached Captain Jack Harkness. I'm actually really upset that you've gotten my voicemail but currently I'm "at Worlds End in New York in the United States until the fifteenth" So you can see why you've gotten my voicemail. So please leave me a message and I'll return your call when I return.

[ooc: Jack is still female, so the cut-in voice stating his location is quite female. He's also in his lovely ladyness in New York hoping to stir up some trouble with The Doctor or whoever else he can charm with his new curves. Feel free to not recognize him at all!]
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So the Tackhrin. Funny plant. Odd colors, generally the type of colors that cry out... run away! Danger! We're talking universally color coded with a few shades of mauve and a bit of taupe. Just really... who isn't wary of taupe. Regardless... it infects your system generating WAY too much of what your body does not need. In men, it reacts with the testosterone and tries to rid you of it pumping your body full of Estrogen... and the effects are rather... alarming and if you've got the make-up of a human, or at least close to? Guess what, it's gonna hurt and it's gonna be a hassle.

Regardless you normally just need to flush your system of the excess hormone once the process is complete. The change that is. Well. Evolution is a bitch. Cross Pollination? Oh... I've got your number now.

Seems it's... not quite... well what it used to be. I've got to make a note to update the files in the computers, but regardless it seems until I can stop it from continuing to release the hormones? I'm... well curvy and well...

It'll get fixed, I just... have to have the fun task of finding *another* Tackhrin from the same pollination cycle to try and weed out the extra whatever it is that crossed with it.

Sorry Doc, the redhead's staying for a bit.
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The headache was dull and throbbing and the washcloth Ianto left upon his forehead was supposed to help with the fever but who knew that the Tackhrin was going to do this to him? Well... technically Jack knew, but he also knew that of all the people to end up in his situation...

Well he was the best one to be in that situation because in the end he'd survive it. Gwen? Probably not, and her husband wouldn't have approved that's for sure. Owen would have spent most the day over medicating away the side effects to that he could enjoy the outward appearance a bit more... personally.

Ianto... well it would have been interesting, but improbable unless Ianto happened to tag along with the team that night. Toshiko? Well... she might have been able to handle it, but Jack just knew that it was just easier this way. He could handle pregnancy as a male, so why couldn't he handle being a woman for seventy-two hours?

The hormones that were surging through his body had been wrecking havoc on his system, and the outward changes... well those were fun. If only he could actually abuse them instead of sweating profusely and nearly swearing up a storm at the pain from it all. At the end of the night he knew he'd be through the hard part but then there would be one day, one complete twenty four hour period where Jack would be able to use his charming smile and new feminine curves... to get whoever he wanted. It wasn't that he would want to or that he couldn't before... when he was Jack.

This was part of the process to get himself back to normal. Twenty-four hours to mate so that the rest of the hormones would flush through his system and the Tackhrin cycle would be complete. Then they pain would start again and he'd be laying in bed with Ianto taking care of him until the outward changes either sent his body into shock or shifted those feminine curves back into the strong lean form that he had gotten pretty used to. One pregnancy was taxing enough on his body to get it back to this shape... he really didn't like the notion of his pectorals changing in any way shape or form. Plus he wasn't really comfortable with the risk of other proportions not coming back to the way they were before.

"So I know I'm not like elastic snapping back to normal Ianto... but there's a file... it's in the Torchwood archives under my medical information. There are some important facts in there... when this is done? I need those reports waiting for me."

Then with that trademark smirk and a reference to something unsaid Jack added in, "You'd be more than welcome to assist me in making sure things all check out."


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