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Thursday was a loss. Well not entirely a loss, but the day had slipped by them and they'd only been out of the hotel room the morning of. The rest of the had been spent ordering food in, laughing and trying to find stories that could top the others. Of course Jack did have an advantage of the travels with the Doctor, but it barely scraped the surface of four-hundred years worth of tales. Still it was worth the effort, and as the day shifted to night and they moved from the bed to the couch, back to the bed more than a few times it was evident that the day was going to be a loss, and one both of them didn't mind taking.

So waking up in the hours of what some could consider the late morning Jack stretched beside Adam sleeping beside him, feeling the slight heavy weight of an arm across his side. His hand took hold of the wrist easing it off of him as he slipped from the bed rubbing at the back of his head. A glance to the mirror above the dresser made him nearly laugh at how his hair happened to be in quite a disarray of sorts. Jack moved to the bathroom rinsing his hands and splashing cool water on his face and letting it run through his hair a bit getting it at the very least to stop sticking up so much in the back. He brushed his teeth too trying to rid his mouth of the slight sting of the alcohol that still lingered at the back of his throat.

He used the bathroom as well, realizing quickly just how much they'd drank through the night, and washed his hands once more before returning to the room. Kneeling onto the bed he shifted until he was beside Adam, letting his fingers trace through his hair until he stirred awake, "See now that's the perfect thing to see in the morning."


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