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Jack had wanted to get back to the states before the end of the year, but everything seemed to stack up around him and with Christmas in London and all the varied parties he planned on attending, plus the added wonder of just how things were going to settle in the new year in his own life, with his team, with his social life, with just about everything he knew that it was a far stretch to think that he'd be able to make it back.

He passed the small shop in Mermaid Quay late one night on job with Torchwood. Despite being after hours it still had the faint hint of baking in the air and Jack paused for a moment just to make a mental note to come back when he wasn't hunting Weevils at half past two in the morning.

A week went by and he finally remembered the small shop just near Cardiff Bay. Once the thought was in his head, he knew exactly who he was going to send them to. He'd spent a great afternoon with Jondy in Seattle, and was glad that he had someone to call during those nights that he thought he was going insane thinking the way he was. She was a good listener, and he in turn tried to help her as well. The small shop now that it was open smelled even more of the small pastries and Jack couldn't help but smile as he placed his order to be shipped to Jondy all the way in Seattle.

When they arrived via Overnight Courier Express Mail she'd find a Hand Carved Wooden Box that held a Dozen pastries from Fabulous Welshcakes in Mermaid Quay. There would be another dozen as well, in a separate bakery box since they wouldn't all fit in the wooden box. He included a note that read,


Merry Christmas!

I hope the weather out there isn't too cold and rainy. Stay warm, those kids need you to stay healthy! I hope you enjoy these treats straight from Cardiff. The box is hand carved by a local vendor out here as well. I wish I could've come out to visit but things I'm sure you know are a bit more chaotic around this time of year. Still I send good wishes to everyone there, and to you especially.

Happy New Year as well if I don't talk to you before then!
- Jack

[Happy Holidays from Jack's writer Gift!]


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