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Things that I adore and love about Reinette

- Her smile. I swear she could smile all day and while it might make her cheeks hurt by the end of the day but I'd never tire of it.
- The way she saved me. I mean I do understand that I can't die, but really it's different when someone actually makes you want to live again.
- She inspires me.
- She's given me more than just two years back.
- Her laughter.
- Her selflessness.
- Her compassion.
- Her passion, if I could have just a tenth of the passion she has
- She's intelligent
- She tests me but not in a way that I feel challenged.
- She sees right through most of my charm to the real me.
- She's not afraid of the man I've had to become
- She's not afraid to tell me when I'm wrong.
- She's not afraid.
- She kept the truth from me thinking it was the right thing to do.
- She told me the truth when she knew I never stopped looking for her in some way.
- She found me.
- She loves without limits and lets me know it's okay for me to do the same
- She's supportive
- She's relentless, which yes is a very good thing.
- She manages to show this sort of controlled reckless abandon that even I have yet to figure out.
- She's fantastic in bed, though I doubt anyone would expect differently.
- She'll never let herself down.

[verse: couples therapy - paired with Reinette where Jack regains the missing two years he spent with Reinette]


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