Feb. 28th, 2008

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- learn how that coffee maker works. Watching Owen struggle with it made me realize it's not as easy as Ianto makes it seem.
- realize that singing karaoke is only funny if you're surrounded by Asian business men and sake.
- make a list of famous people who I've actually influenced one way or another. I'm serious about Bonnie Tyler people.
- take the Doctor up on his offer. Doctor you know which one.
- take my coat to the cleaners. It still has that odd stain on the collar from the trial run of the internal vaporizer that Owen felt like playing with.
- get Ianto to name the internal vaporizer.
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01 - Gray.
02 - The Doctor.
03 - The Doctor. (dont' look at me that way I met them both)
04 - Rose Tyler.
05 - Martha Jones.
06 - Suzie Costello.
07 - Ianto Jones.
08 - Owen Harper.
09 - Toshiko Sato.
10 - Gwen Cooper.

The reasons are sometimes personal, a lot of the times annoying and in general just part of being around them. They inspire me, lead me, make me look back on my life, strive to be better, strive to be worthy...

They've changed me. Made me go from a man that wasn't worth a second glance to someone that can even help others through those difficult times. they might look up to me, but in more ways than I can even acknowledge I look up to them.

They are my family in a time when my family has been long gone.


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