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"Ruby." Jack intoned at her, glancing at the blonde that was leaning against the wall. He hadn't been surprised to see her, not really, not after the phone call.

Crossing the alley, he smirked at her, tucking his hands into the pockets of his pants. His jacket gathered at his wrists, billowing a bit in the wind as he got closer. "You know, you're not supposed to be here."

"Like I ever follow the rules?" Shrugging, she pushed her foot off the wall and met him in the middle, a grin on her features like a cheshire cat.

"Okay, you have a point there, but I didn't pull you out of there for you to flaunt that to the world."

His hand brushed to her wrist, knowing full well what was beneath the sleeve of jacket. The watch he adapted for her, the technology something he'd kept hidden from most of his team, on her behalf. He'd found her, trapped between dimensions. Whatever Lilith had done to her, however she managed to shove her out of her body, it had been something the rift was actually able to find.

She didn't owe him, but he didn't mind when she stopped by, however unexpected it was.

"So, are you going to ask me in, or do I get to hover in the alley for another hour?"

Smirking he glanced at her, before nodding her over toward the door to his flat, "Come on, blondie. Knowing you, I'd end up having to come bail you out if I just let you go."
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Pass a Secret Note Meme
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"Anomaly... like that's specific," Jack shook his head, tapping on the dial of his wrist cuff, trying to get something more than the one single word to come up on the display. Shrugging up a shoulder he shook his wrist, thinking maybe it'd Etch-a-Sketch itself some information. It didn't work, shame too, that would've been a neat trick.

Glancing up toward the sky, Jack pressed the edge of his hand to his forehead, a slight attempt to block the sunlight from his eyes, "Two suns... might even get a chance to work on my tan."

Turning around he got a look around and realized he was near the edge of a treeline, no doubt the forest behind him and the city in front of him. Just a matter of walking toward whatever was civilized and taking a bit of inventory. Asking the right questions, to the right person and he might be done with 'Pylea' before nightfall.

The ground wasn't too uneven, but his steps still picked up their pace as he moved down the hill. The city wasn't much, a bit rustic if anything. Glancing down to his coat he wondered just how much he'd have to explain away.

"You there! Cow! Why are you away from your master, where's your collar!"

Jack turned around a bit, trying to find some stray bovine that had wandered off a farm. He didn't see anything at all though, just a large, very loud, man wearing a tunic of sorts staring him down.

"Excuse me, I didn't see your livestock... or, maybe it's something else altogether," Jack replied, lifting an eyebrow up curiously. He was trying to run through the phrasebook he'd glanced at before opting to skip a few missions ahead on his to-do list. Pylea was new, different, and apparently lacking in proper fashion. Tilting his head he was shocked when the man placed a firm grip to his shoulder, "Uhm..."

"I asked you a question cow. Where is your master?"

Cow. Cow. Jack tried to run through the list quickly, because he was pretty sure that he hadn't heard anything about Pylea being a Bondage planet. Those were all mostly off in the fourth quadrant. He was into some different things, but livestock-fetish just never actually sat right with him. "I think you must be confused, the name's Captain Jack Harkness and I'm trying to-"

Jack was cut off abruptly as the grip on his shoulder loosened and the man fell to the ground, a small brunette girl stood behind him, a shovel in her hand, pressing her glasses up the bridge of her nose for a moment before looking behind her.

Clearly she had just knocked this man out and was either looking to see if she could clobber Jack as well, or... no wait, this didn't look right.

"It's alright, I'm not going to hurt you. I promise, just tell me what's going on."
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It had hurt. More than anything he could've actually imagined. That time in Axia IV with the teeth? Hardly a pin prick compared to the feeling of a Dalek vaporizing you from the inside out. He went down with a fight, but never the less, he did go down. Then, by some miracle, he was up again. Pulling in the breath of life, feeling everything get put back the way it was meant to be. His lungs expanded and he was alive again. If he had been a bit quicker, maybe taken less time to breathe in oxygen into the once again useful lungs, he might have caught up to the TARDIS before it left him behind.

Ironic actually, the first time in a few years that he actually wanted to be part of the team, and he got left behind. Hell of a thing.

There in the room where he'd been a few minutes too late he sat among the wires and cables, trying to hot wire his wrist cuff. One last trip, just to find where the Doctor was, lock onto his time signature and he'd catch up with them. Didn't have to be accurate, just slightly reliable.

Except it was.

It was so reliable that it hadn't locked onto the Doctor's time signature at all. So reliable that when he stood up he found himself in a cell, as a matter of fact a very familiar cell.

"Welcome back, glad to see you've joined the land of the conscious."

Rubbing at his eyes he smirked a bit, "Honestly Topher, you're the last person I wanted to see."

"Avoid a place for five years, bound to end up on the short list of people we'd throw in here without asking questions."

Clenching his jaw, he flicked his gaze toward the man on the other side of the bars, "Let me guess, Recall." His hand absently went to his wrist, where the leather strap had grown to feel like part of him, it was now bare.

"And he's a winner. Figured you'd done it on purpose, fried that time circuit on purpose. Not many'd know to do that, but I reckoned it'd have been just like --"

"Chauncy. First year of training, nearly sent himself twelve feet in the air. Division got wind of it and then we all have new updates with Recall implanted. I remember, I just didn't think I had overloaded it, not by that much at least."

"Here you are though."

"Here I am," Jack smirked at the man. "Why am I here?"

"Awaitin' review of your case. Seems the counsel's been in there for hours tryin' to figure you out. Special case it seems. Not sure what to do with you."

"Well they could let me go."

Topher smiled, "You'd like that, yeah? Free to go, off on your way?"

"Actually wouldn't be too bad," the smirk widened into a grin.

"We'll see 'bout that." Topher lifted his chin a bit, "Oi, look alive, they're comin' to fetch you."

Turning around Jack looked down the hall, seeing the counsel heading his direction. Topher pressed to the wall, saluting them as they passed him, watching with alertness as they stood in front of Jack's cell.

"Jack Harkness-"

"Captain Jack Harkness," he replied with a shrug of his shoulder. "Well, if you're going to use my taken name, you should really put the title in there as well."

They stared at him, even tone about their faces, as they continued without restating his name. "You have been reinstated within the Time Agency. All previous debts forgiven, and you are hereby assigned to Protocol Forty-Two."

"Oh no, you don't get off that easy, you took two years! I don't want whatever it is you're offering me, you can kill me."

"No, we can't. It seems, whatever happened along your timeline, whatever event you've been involved in. It cannot be reversed, it cannot be changed. You exist. Singularly. There shall never be another, there shall never be a need. You are him."

"Why does that sound creepier than you're saying it, which trust me, is somewhat difficult."

The bars opened and they handed him his wrist cuff, "We can initiate Recall at any point. You will maintain the cases we assign, you will not divert from the path. If you complete what we request, we will reinstate your memories. Do you agree to our terms?"

"If I say no?"

"We will place you in the rift. You will exist forever in nowhere."

"Go team!" Jack grinned, but they found no humor in his response. "Fine. Protocol Forty-Two... can't be too bad right?" Buckling his wrist strap on he pressed the mission details, and viewed them as they scrolled by. A long list of events that he'd have to nudge the other way. It was a hard job fixing time so that the future existed. All of the rest of the world, poking around in time, thinking they weren't actually hurting everything by just reliving one grand day... open one small portal, take care of one little parking ticket.

It all added up and it eventually, somewhere down the line, would change everything. The dates and times and places all listed off in front of him, and most of them he'd worked on before. People never did learn.

"Wait a minute..." Jack paused as he pulled up the details on one of the missions, "Where the hell's Pylea?"
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1. Ask me three questions you want to know the truth to.
2. I will pick two of them to answer.
3. One I will tell the truth about.
4. One I will lie about.
5. The last you will have to try and answer for me.
6. Post this in your journal so others can ask you.
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There had been rift activity, and with the team somewhat scattered at the moment Jack assumed it was just better if he went out there on his own. It didn't take him too long to track the signature, and even that felt like something too simple. The back of his mind held a token amount of doubt, the thought that it was too simple, which meant somehow it had to be overly complicated. Undoubtedly that was the case here.

His feet sunk into the sand unevenly as he moved across the beach, the tiny blip on his wrist no longer needing to be followed as he saw the silhouette up ahead seated along the shore. Jack lifted his hand to his brow, shielding his sight a bit from the sun, as he squinted trying to make out the figure. It was only when he got closer that he realized the word complicated had been underestimating it by a longshot.

Part of his mind couldn't wrap around it, but it was the rift, and stranger things had happened. Moving toward him he stopped in front of him, glancing down at the man whose name was too familiar to him and smiled, "You're a long way from where you expected to be aren't you."
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Leave a comment and I will come up with your muse's and my muse's kid. I'm equal opportunity -- adoption counts just as much as organically produced babies (or even surrogacy!). Of course, this is just for fun's sake only, so none of these kids are actually binding to anything. If your muse is in a 'verse with mine, feel free to request a kid from that 'verse if you wish! (Again, the kid isn't binding to anything in those 'verses.)
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re: "Captain" John Hart

- Larger ego than me? Check.
- Unstable? Check.
- Dangerous? Check.
- Puts my team at risk? Quadruple Check.
- Low stabs at my title? Check.
- Annoying? Check.
- Arrogant? Check.
- Petty Thief? Check.
- Opportunist in the worst sort of way? Check.
- He's John Hart.
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- Carly Simon - You're So Vain
- Huey Lewis and the News - Back in Time
- The Magnetic Fields - I Wish I Had an Evil Twin
- The Beatles - Benefit for the Being of Mr. Kite
- Artic Monkeys - D is for Dangerous
- Neil Patrick Harris - My Freeze Ray
- David Bowie - China Girl
- Gwen Stefani - Yummy
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Hey everyone I keep getting notified that some of my accounts are about to lose their extra icons (or already have) and normally I just go ahead and do it, but I figured since right now you can give the gift of paid time and get icons added in for free I'd make an offer out there to those that watch/read/whatever with Jack.

I'm offering up my graphical skills in lieu of donations toward her (and others) account! If you provide the screencaps I can make you Non-Sharable icons! I can make you a Header for your journal! I can make you icons, and a header and code it into a layout for you! I'll complete them all as they come in and turn around time shouldn't be more than two-three days.

I have lots of accounts too so really this isn't a first come first serve thing. I'll do things for other people for gifts too. Why not! It's the holidays! Comments are screened, and feel free to link this around to whoever you think my be interested I'm not really gonna post this up too many places. Probably here and Elle's journal.

If you want to do this just leave me the following information. )
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01 - Death
02 - Ending up Alone
03 - The End
04 - Not saving everyone
05 - Not being enough
06 - Losing him.
07 - That being an impossible thing is more complicated than it sounds
08 - That it'll never end
09 - That it hasn't even begun
10 - Myself.
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If you want to have your pup have some sort of sexual relations with mine, comment here! I'll write a drabble (Author Fails at Drabbles... they'll end up pretty verbose) ficlet that does just that! I'll work on them this week during work, along with the other fictions I still owe.
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The snap of the velvet box shutting is muffled, a soft muted sound that still has a sharp contrast of sound to it even from his position standing behind her. The line of sight granted to him allows her eyes to catch to his in the mirror. Her features so delicate barely give away any hint of emotion, knowing that there are others still watching. Ladies that had helped draw laces in tighter and aided her in taking a seat before Jack was even allowed entrance to her chambers. There were whispers of rumors, but nothing that anyone could prove beyond that of a woman of stature defining herself merely by the level of company she kept. He was after all a man of her theatre, and the times they shared often were spoken of solely as if it was expected that they would discuss future plans for performances.

A single word dismissed them with a polite curtsy met with Jack's proper bow in return. The exhale of breath she let out was greeted with a smirk upon his features, "My Lady, laced too tight this eve? I'm certain I can assist with such a burden."

Her eyes sparkled in that moment meeting his gaze through the mirror and his smile returned warm and telling that while he could help, he knew that his place... at this moment was not in her bed. This time he had brought her a gift, and she was still quite unsure of what she had done to deserve such a thing.

"You know you still have not told me, if you like it."

The draw of breath in came a moment before her fingertips brushed to the bare spot of skin above the lace detail from the plunging neckline of her gown. His eyes could not help but be drawn downward to gaze where they rest. A step forward pressed his hips to her back as hands reached over her shoulders to open the small box once more. Withdrawing the gold strand the pendant shone in the dim lighting of her room, her own eyes dropping to take in the stone once more. Opening the clasp, Jack allowed both ends to rest between fingertips as his other hand swept loose tendrils of hair away from her neck. The ghost of his touch cooler against the warmth of her skin still feeling the heat from the bath, and the movement of being dressed.

Taking each end into his hands he guided it around her neck, seeing where the stone fell across pale skin, and the chain caught the light as it flickered from a candle that was lit nearby. Closing the clasp and letting it fall against the nape of her neck he once more caught sight of slender fingertips ghosting above the opalescent pendant that was smooth beneath her fingertips.


Even if she was going to express how much it meant, or how much she loved it Jack didn't really need to hear it. Seeing the look in her eyes, the way it seemed to just fit to her and the way she carried herself was gift enough to him. Leaning down his mouth fit against the curve of her neck a press of his lips to her skin left there a lingering moment too long before he stood and smiled at her.

"It will never outshine your beauty my Lady," Jack stated to her as if it was more than just what he knew, but if it was something everyone knew. Taking his few steps away from her he bowed politely and headed toward the door of her chambers. Pausing for a moment within the frame of the open door he cast her a smile as she watched him leave, "Perhaps my Lady will save me a dance this evening."

Her head bowed with such grace and dignity even as her smile shone bright in her eyes and the curve of her mouth, "Perhaps she shall."
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He can't even begin to understand how far it reaches, or how many are already there. Looking the woman in the eyes he sees the pain in her, the sorrow that she feels because to her it's all real, to her this is life and it's crumbling around her. He's done what it took to get the answers, pushed her body to those limits, and didn't even flinch when he did it. The machine hummed and she screamed bloody terror, the sound of it still echoed a bit in his mind. A response that it was programmed to feel, a response that once it was pushed past seemed to make her less real.

She believed she was real though. She had loved, and lived and made memories that were her own. This was just another part of her, deep down beneath the surface that she wasn't supposed to know about. Hidden and tucked away because if they knew the truth, if they even thought something was off with themselves how would they even explain it? Not knowing was better, not knowing gave them time to accomplish whatever it was they were sent for. Not knowing meant that they didn't have to feel as if they were sacrificing part of themselves to some cause that wasn't even known to them.

That was how it went regardless of the end game. Sent in ahead of the folly, ahead of the onset of whatever grand plan would be put into place. He knew that all too well, the blind faith at which it was so easy to just say that you were doing it for the right reasons. Going in and seeking out the information just to save others the time and skill needed to actually act in a real situation. Making the effort for others easier -- lessened in a fashion.

In the end though it didn't seem to really matter. Not that it was all for nothing, but it did seem like an effort... an effort beyond really anything he'd thought to count on. This was a long process, seeding the population alone was a task, but making it believable? Jack was astounded and borderline impressed for a moment, until he realized what it all meant. There were people out there willing to go to that much trouble just to bring that sort of destruction to the world. It was startling to think of, and the more Jack let it sink into his mind the more it took hold of his thoughts.

Who else was out there? Waiting? Watching? What other plan had been put into action, how much information had they all been able to gather, and to what purpose? The questions hung around his neck and they wouldn't leave him easily. In a sense he could feel sympathy for the woman, even as she forced their hand, even as she made Jack take that final step... as he watched her fall at the gunshots that met her threat to someone important to him.

It was how it was going to be. More than one life taken, more than one choice made... and still even as he offered a hand to Gwen, seated beside the body he knew she wouldn't take it. Leaving the Hub left a pang of guilt as he knew Ianto was there cleaning up the mess, but he knew that staying there wasn't going to help ease anything. It was one thing to make a choice that ended a life because the danger was clear, proved right before his eyes... it was another when it was forced upon him. If it had been him... if he had been sent for some other reason, to retrieve intel, to betray the ones he had loved... he would've done the same.
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Pass a Secret Note Meme
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01. Are you coming back to bed?
02. Is it really that funny?
03. Do you wear the coat everywhere?
04. Is Total Eclipse of the Heart really about you?
05. Have you tried all the Gimbus?
06. Do you smell that way naturally?
07. Are you always this charming?
08. Do I need to bring out the ruler?
09. Should we check it out?
10. Should I wait up?


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