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Technically she was right, aesthetically she seemed a mystery, and sexually... he had a bit of a block. This was Jack Harkness... there was no such thing as a block, she was technically right though and maybe that was where the issue came in.

How many times had he died by now? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions? It scared him just a bit to think of it, but still there she stood in the doorway arms crossed over her chest and the crimson stain upon her lips catching his eye a bit more than usual just from the way it pooched out a bit in a pout.

"Really, I wish you hadn't said it."

"What, that we're the walking dead? I'm just being factual... and still hot. Might note that you're looking good for an ex-dead guy too."

"Ruby," he intoned glancing up from his paperwork to watch her move from the doorway. He was trying to focus, but despite her earlier remark the block was slowly fading as she dragged her finger along the edge of the desktop.

"Jack...." Ruby's words drawled out just as long as her fingers streak did across the surface of the desk. "So we're like.... Zombies."

"Don't joke about that."

Her laugh nearly came from nowhere in all the silence, but he pushed back from the desk and leaned back in his chair watching the way her blonde hair shook a bit from her laugh, her fingertip tucking between teeth in a manner that he was sure she had taken a while to perfect that coy look. Despite the different bodies he was certain she had over the years.

This one... the one she'd borrowed... she was keeping it alive and he didn't want to think about that as he thought about other things... in regards to her body.

"About zombies? Or about us being pretty much the same thing... you and me... me and you... dead and still moving around... well, you at least have a heart beat... blood pumping, living tissue..."

"And you?"

"Always cold Jack."

He nods at her for the moment, "But back to Zombies... they're not just fairytales you know. Urban myths and the like."

"Oh I know... trust me there is Lore out there about them. Come across a few myself. Pesky things, tore one of my favorite jacket sleeves."

"Lore? Really Ruby what movie did you walk out of," Jack asks pushing to his feet and moving over toward her letting his hand press to her cheek feeling the lack of warmth that she had mentioned earlier. She leaned into the touch, breathing him in deep despite Jack being fairly certain she didn't need to breathe at all. Who was he to judge... to guess what she needed to do to keep what she had taken hers. He knew she ate... had seen it as she nearly emptied a bottle of catsup onto the plate at the corner diner when he'd ordered her a plate of chips.

"So you're saying we're not zombies? Because I was really looking forward to wandering aimlessly mumbling about brains and me needing them."

His hand let the heel of his hand press up against her chin lifting her gaze to his own eyes, "I'm saying we're not zombies at all. We could be... maybe one day, the whole of the world scavengers waiting to feed on the lesser creatures."

"Gee Jack, way to kill the mood."

Smirking at her for a moment he let his smile broaden to a grin of sorts, "Ruby, we're already dead right? Nothing left to kill tonight." Her gaze narrowed a bit but he didn't allow her time to argue as he ducked his head to brush his mouth to the cooler surface of her lips kissing her finally. Her hands wound around his shoulders across the starched surface of his blue dress shirt, and into his hair at the back of his head.

Technically she was right, aesthetically she was still a mystery... but there was no block now and that was all that mattered in the moment.

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