Aug. 27th, 2008

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Maybe it was wrong of him to be a bit excited about the stolen car tearing through the streets of Cardiff so late at night, but Jack was trying to put a lighter spin on things. It had been a while since they actually had something worth really looking into, and a blowfish stealing a sports car seemed... well it seemed fun. Except that Jack had missed most of the fun on account of not being in the Hub when the activity on the rift came up. For more than a few months now he'd been living at the flat with Adam and that meant that when something went wrong in his city, he wasn't always right there at it's beck and call.

To say that it was creating a bit of tension in the group would be stating it lightly. The fact of it all though was that deep down Jack was trying to do what he could to keep himself together. A year had gone and rewound around him as easily as nothing at all had happened. He wasn't getting any older, and everything that happened to him wasn't something that many could understand. He had Adam though, and for once he felt like he didn't have to explain everything about his past with some shade of vagueness. The cost though was that he had someone else in his life and that meant he couldn't live and breathe the job the way he had for so long. He'd waited for more than a lifetime to get answers from the Doctor, and getting them hadn't made him feel any more or less sure of just what his purpose was. All that waiting for an answer that in the end almost didn't matter.

He didn't go home then... )
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Just a quick note to let all of you that read/follow along/interact with Jack that I've begun to deal with Season Two episodes finally. Today I dove right into 2x01 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and put the entire arc of the episode into a prompt. Tonight I'll be attempting to do some explaining with Jack and Adam and tomorrow I plan on tackling Sleeper and by the weekend I'll be dealing with Meat.

After that point there will be a lull of sorts while Elle and Anna come to visit Jack and Adam. I figured that this was a good point to stop the canon and get some cheering up going on because once 2x04 - Adam starts up? Then it's pretty much all down hill from there. My plan is to tackle an episode a month. This way it gives those that want to play things out time to do so, and reactions to not be rushed exactly and dealt with on a timeline that works for everyone.

Also tags are getting updated slowly but surely, but there is now [canon - au] which is my main verse then there is [canon - tw] which is the actual canon/canon of the show. [two years] which is everything having to do with Reinette and the two years that he actually remembers. Though you all should know that Reinette is also in [canon - au] verse as Jack's stalker, where those two years still happened, he just doesn't remember them.

Comments? Questions? Requests? Let me know here! IM name is the same as journal name, and I'll be talking to you all at some point!


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