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Things to say:
- We have a history.
- It was an in the moment thing.
- It was a mistake.
- I forgot the situation.
- I am stupid.
- It wasn't really good.
- I'm Jack.

Things to believe:
- It never happened.
- It won't happen again.
- It wasn't good.

Other options:
- I lie.
- I ignore it.
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Just a quick note to let all of you that read/follow along/interact with Jack that I've begun to deal with Season Two episodes finally. Today I dove right into 2x01 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and put the entire arc of the episode into a prompt. Tonight I'll be attempting to do some explaining with Jack and Adam and tomorrow I plan on tackling Sleeper and by the weekend I'll be dealing with Meat.

After that point there will be a lull of sorts while Elle and Anna come to visit Jack and Adam. I figured that this was a good point to stop the canon and get some cheering up going on because once 2x04 - Adam starts up? Then it's pretty much all down hill from there. My plan is to tackle an episode a month. This way it gives those that want to play things out time to do so, and reactions to not be rushed exactly and dealt with on a timeline that works for everyone.

Also tags are getting updated slowly but surely, but there is now [canon - au] which is my main verse then there is [canon - tw] which is the actual canon/canon of the show. [two years] which is everything having to do with Reinette and the two years that he actually remembers. Though you all should know that Reinette is also in [canon - au] verse as Jack's stalker, where those two years still happened, he just doesn't remember them.

Comments? Questions? Requests? Let me know here! IM name is the same as journal name, and I'll be talking to you all at some point!
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Maybe it was wrong of him to be a bit excited about the stolen car tearing through the streets of Cardiff so late at night, but Jack was trying to put a lighter spin on things. It had been a while since they actually had something worth really looking into, and a blowfish stealing a sports car seemed... well it seemed fun. Except that Jack had missed most of the fun on account of not being in the Hub when the activity on the rift came up. For more than a few months now he'd been living at the flat with Adam and that meant that when something went wrong in his city, he wasn't always right there at it's beck and call.

To say that it was creating a bit of tension in the group would be stating it lightly. The fact of it all though was that deep down Jack was trying to do what he could to keep himself together. A year had gone and rewound around him as easily as nothing at all had happened. He wasn't getting any older, and everything that happened to him wasn't something that many could understand. He had Adam though, and for once he felt like he didn't have to explain everything about his past with some shade of vagueness. The cost though was that he had someone else in his life and that meant he couldn't live and breathe the job the way he had for so long. He'd waited for more than a lifetime to get answers from the Doctor, and getting them hadn't made him feel any more or less sure of just what his purpose was. All that waiting for an answer that in the end almost didn't matter.

He didn't go home then... )
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Once upon a time, in a time probably further off than your mind can imagine, there lived a boy who would be named, at some point closer than you think, Jack. He had a normal life until bad men came to his town and made him very sad. His hands were too small and his little brother vanished never to be seen from, until much later, and sooner than you might realize. In fact even the boy who would be named Jack would never have believed it then, if you told him that he'd run into his brother not in the future but in the past.

Yet that is what would happen.

Of course that's a story for another day, for the tale of the brother is much much longer and far more confusing, and has parts that make even the bravest of hearts crack and crumble, and even the soundest of mines wonder where common sense goes.

Though most stories with the boy would would be named Jack seem to be lacking the notion of common sense. In fact perhaps I should have simply told you that the only way to truly realize there is a happy ending in store for the boy who would be Jack would be to tell you that he's never going to die.

But that's not an ending at all.
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Describe ME in one word.....just one single word. Post it in my comment section. Then put the same request in your journal so we can visit you… and do the same thing… and see how many strange and interesting things they say about you.
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So earlier this week someone told me "Man you know everyone!" and I was all Pssssh... I know OF people... I don't actually know them. I figured I hardly RP'd with most of them. Yeah then I started this list. Uhhh.. it's long. It's totally in order I thought of people, and then shoved others in the middle and tried to keep it to groups and it's a mess. BUT it's love. Love is good. I'm sure I forgot people too, but honestly? When you LOOK at this? You'll see I tried my very freaking hardest to get everyone.

Name a hand full of people you RP with, read, or have heard of. Say something positive, a reason why you like their characters, or the players. Anything that is constructive, positive, and better than the general: <3!!

Link to the post... and no it doesn't have an index...
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01 - Wake up.
02 - Take a shower.
03 - Go hauled back into bed.
04 - Get out of bed... again.
05 - Take a second shower.
06 - Get dressed.
07 - Put on The Coat.
08 - Hostler side-arm.
09 - Unplug cell from charger.
10 - Not get killed on the way in.
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Warning: By posting this up you are subjecting yourself to other peoples tastes in music. First rule of Play List is do not get offended by the music people share with you. Your cup of tea is could be someone else's leafy water.
Warning: By posting this up should be willing to seek out the same meme on your friends list and give them some music too!

01. How it works: Place this post up in your journal.
02. Fellow friends list members [and their writers too] are to then in turn comment to your post with music.
03. Said music is shared via an upload that you can download, or a link to lyrics for the connection challenged that reminds them of you.
04. When you comment leave the song title and artist in the subject line so that if someone else thought of the same song they don't have to send it to you again, ;)
05. With enough people and enough variety of songs you should end up with a lovely playlist inspired by those that know you pretty well. [or so you hope]
06. Download and enjoy!
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In the back of his mind it's somewhat of a joke really. Some distant reminder of a death that should've stuck in place but instead literally stuck him in time. One single moment fixed forever. Forever is a long time too he's learning, but he's had all those years to try and forget. He doesn't though and he relives it on Canary Wharf, and again... the silliest of phrases strike fear deep into his heart. He knows this part though. Recalls it from the archives, from the logs and even then it's still a bit odd how the fragments of time overlap in his mind and things are fine at the time.

Now though it's different. This is his Hub, and his life being lived for at least the thousandth time, and his people and there is no answer in his mind as to just how this is supposed to go. This isn't a memory relived this is today and it's never felt more linear as it does right now.

Right now it drops his stomach and it would make his heart nearly still in his chest if it would take a moment to stop beating so damn rapidly. He's lost so much and now he feels as if he's going to lose it all again. Another path of darkness left for him to walk alone until he can work up the habit to even start it again. It feels wrong and it feels dangerous and all he can do is think to cling close to those he has left, to those he wishes he could've given so much more to.

It's a silly phrase, but it echoes in his dreams, and it reminds him that once upon a time he wasn't so permanent, once upon a time he went down fighting and wasn't supposed to get up.

It's a silly thing to hear, so nearly bold and laughable but it strikes fear into him and a moment of doubt the he knows could last as long as it takes for everyone to be killed. Because that's what they'll do.

That's what they'll do, and there's nothing he can do to stop it.

Not this time.

It's a silly phrase, but he knows it... and he knows it's the truth.
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Things I've been called that are Worse than a Hooligan for Jenny

Clearly these have been alphabetized because going through close to 2000 years of name calling I realized I was starting to repeat myself. Also there are other things I've been called, but these are ones that categorically I believe are far worse than Hooligan.
  • bandit
  • brute
  • cad
  • con
  • corrupt
  • criminaloid
  • crook
  • cutthroat
  • degenerate
  • delinquent
  • deplorable
  • depraved
  • desperado
  • evildoer
  • flagitious
  • gangster
  • hoodlum
  • infidel
  • knave
  • knave
  • lawbreaker
  • lawless
  • malefactor
  • miscreant
  • mobster
  • monster
  • outlaw
  • perverse
  • punk
  • rapscallion
  • repeater
  • reprehensible
  • reprobate
  • rogue
  • rotter
  • roughneck
  • ruffian
  • scalawag
  • scoundrel
  • thief
  • thug
  • transgressor
  • varlet
  • villain
  • weasel
  • wrongdoer
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So the last ooc post I made I claimed June was Jack Month. Those of you that I owed tags to? Realized that Jack month failed miserably. I've been struggling trying to figure Jack out with the events of the past season. I'm not sure if it's because I thought they relied a bit heavily on Joss Whedon plots... or if it was just so much to happen to Jack emotionally or what, but I just got stuck.

Long-Winded Explaining )

For all intent and purposes Captain Jack Harkness works for Torchwood. He has a flat outside the Hub which he shares with Adam Monroe and living quarters in the Hub. Since returning to Torchwood after the events on the Valiant his team has been studying rift activity and keeping control of the Weevil population. His team consists of Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato, Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones and on occasion the lovely Martha Jones has been known to assist. The events of S2 for all intent and purposes have not transpired for Jack as of this date. He's been biding his time, digging up boyfriends, and doing the usual Torchwood thing.

The reason for this is that I personally need to sort out where Jack is and deal with each part of his new canon and how it fits into what I need him to be. It's selfish and possibly non-canon but I don't actually care. I've always enjoyed the Jack I write, and currently I don't think I've been doing so hot on that front in the RP land. (though thank you to everyone that attempted to keep me tagging in the cigar bar thread, I thought it would kick start him but the stuck was a lot more profound than I thought it was)

So starting this Wednesday I'll be taking each episode of S2 one by one and trying to work it into my canon. 2x01 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang dealt with Jack's return, but since I'm saying that he's been back all this time it's simply going to be a split of the episode. The return part happened back in November but not with John Hart and all that. Just with a standard problem/issue.

Those that want to play along with me are more than welcome to. Those that prefer to keep to their sides are also more than welcome to. I just know that with the summer now, and the fact that next year there will only be five new episodes due to the move to BBC1 I need to do something or else I'll just go prompt only, and I really *really* don't want to do that at all.

So the events of each episode will go forward, and I'll make sure that things are clearly tagged. (M-W I'll be redoing all of his tags so that you'll know which episode I'm on because I'm not expecting to just rush through them all.)

My goal is to fill the gap, and get actual interaction back with him. I want to pace it and give him time to let things settle and sink in because man if team Torchwood had to deal with all of that in just a 13 week span? They'd quit for sure. There will be downtime, there will be visiting friends. Anna you are coming to Cardiff for sure during this. Jack will pick between two safer episodes. Things that I wasn't happy with in canon will be shifted. If you don't agree with the direction I take him? Don't read it.

I'm taking Jack back dammit, and he claims it's a long time coming.

SO... comment here with questions, concerns, problems you have with this. Maybe there was a scene you want to make sure that I touch on with your muse, those dropped threads of reactionary? We can retouch on them when we get there but all of this is going to be in the verse where Jack is with Adam. I need to find Jack, and Jack needs to find Adam and where he is in all of this. Owen if you want a different path, Toshiko same thing... Adam's blood HEALS. Just let me know if you are like horribly opposed to this otherwise I hope to work through S2 with you all.
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Technically she was right, aesthetically she seemed a mystery, and sexually... he had a bit of a block. This was Jack Harkness... there was no such thing as a block, she was technically right though and maybe that was where the issue came in.

How many times had he died by now? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions? It scared him just a bit to think of it, but still there she stood in the doorway arms crossed over her chest and the crimson stain upon her lips catching his eye a bit more than usual just from the way it pooched out a bit in a pout.

"Really, I wish you hadn't said it."

"What, that we're the walking dead? I'm just being factual... and still hot. Might note that you're looking good for an ex-dead guy too."

"Ruby," he intoned glancing up from his paperwork to watch her move from the doorway. He was trying to focus, but despite her earlier remark the block was slowly fading as she dragged her finger along the edge of the desktop.

"Jack...." Ruby's words drawled out just as long as her fingers streak did across the surface of the desk. "So we're like.... Zombies."

"Don't joke about that."

Her laugh nearly came from nowhere in all the silence, but he pushed back from the desk and leaned back in his chair watching the way her blonde hair shook a bit from her laugh, her fingertip tucking between teeth in a manner that he was sure she had taken a while to perfect that coy look. Despite the different bodies he was certain she had over the years.

This one... the one she'd borrowed... she was keeping it alive and he didn't want to think about that as he thought about other things... in regards to her body.

"About zombies? Or about us being pretty much the same thing... you and me... me and you... dead and still moving around... well, you at least have a heart beat... blood pumping, living tissue..."

"And you?"

"Always cold Jack."

He nods at her for the moment, "But back to Zombies... they're not just fairytales you know. Urban myths and the like."

"Oh I know... trust me there is Lore out there about them. Come across a few myself. Pesky things, tore one of my favorite jacket sleeves."

"Lore? Really Ruby what movie did you walk out of," Jack asks pushing to his feet and moving over toward her letting his hand press to her cheek feeling the lack of warmth that she had mentioned earlier. She leaned into the touch, breathing him in deep despite Jack being fairly certain she didn't need to breathe at all. Who was he to judge... to guess what she needed to do to keep what she had taken hers. He knew she ate... had seen it as she nearly emptied a bottle of catsup onto the plate at the corner diner when he'd ordered her a plate of chips.

"So you're saying we're not zombies? Because I was really looking forward to wandering aimlessly mumbling about brains and me needing them."

His hand let the heel of his hand press up against her chin lifting her gaze to his own eyes, "I'm saying we're not zombies at all. We could be... maybe one day, the whole of the world scavengers waiting to feed on the lesser creatures."

"Gee Jack, way to kill the mood."

Smirking at her for a moment he let his smile broaden to a grin of sorts, "Ruby, we're already dead right? Nothing left to kill tonight." Her gaze narrowed a bit but he didn't allow her time to argue as he ducked his head to brush his mouth to the cooler surface of her lips kissing her finally. Her hands wound around his shoulders across the starched surface of his blue dress shirt, and into his hair at the back of his head.

Technically she was right, aesthetically she was still a mystery... but there was no block now and that was all that mattered in the moment.

[ooc: there is a pic a fic post up over at Elle [here] feel free to tag Jack over there for fiction]
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The hushing sound cut through the Hub and right into the entry way where he was listening to that sound along with the heavy gears turning to close the vault like doorway. He was listening to that sound along with noticing that it was pretty much dark in the Hub other than the slight glow of a few cores still humming with life and energy tied into the Rift itself.

He was listening to the hushed tones in the pitch dark of the Hub that was lit with from the glow of the cores in tune with the Rift... oh and the giant glow from the back office... to be more specific his office.

The giant glow that was moving and varying in brightness.

His hand rested to the grip of his gun still tucked into the holster as he moved... with caution... toward the light. His mind ran through the different things it could be.

Byzaan which wouldn't be so bad... just the smell after it was dead would take at least a month to clean up.

Aallyyzz which mostly would just fade out in time, that was actually preferred just to see if Ianto could pronounce it. Jack filed that away for future use as well... just in case he was bored.

It could've been a Sprag, or a Fliaigham... or it could be...


His hand moved away from his gun his head tilted to the side to see the cake on his desk with what looked like a fire hazards worth of candle shoved into it.

"What? Nooo... oh no, this is... this is celebratory!"

Jack's expression shifted to one of mild annoyance bordering on near amusement as Gwen tried to recover.

"It's redundant, trust me. Besides," he continued as he moved toward his desk almost as if the giant fire on his desk wasn't even there. "It's not my birthday."

"Oh come now Jack, we're expected to know that sort of thing? Your name isn't even yours!"

"Is too. I took it fair and square, and look I don't expect you to know that sort of 'thing' as you put it, but really... birthday cake? Candles? How many is that anyway?"

Ianto tried to hide the laughter, but Gwen was already tugging on his sleeve hiding her own smile.

"How many?"

Ianto shook his head trying to regain some sort of composure, "Eight hundred and forty eight. We bought more... but the cake wasn't going to be able to stand the temperature. Surely the sugar would've crystallized in the glaze."

"So I repeat... redundant and inaccurate."

"Oh come on Jack, all that's been going on? We needed a bit of a party. You've missed I bet many a birthday, we're making up for it."

Jack glanced to Gwen for the moment trying to consider the situation, the circumstances... it was a nice gesture, but he just... never was big on birthdays. Well birthday suits... just not birthdays.

"Alright, but you're insane if you think I'm going to blow all those out," Jack remarked looking at the cake that was nearly consumed by the flickering flames on the candles.

"What.. not enough hot air?" Gwen teased.

"You. Be lucky you've got Rhys that sort of attitude would get you nowhere," Jack teased right back before he took another look at the cake. "No seriously, how are we even going to-"

He was cut off as the burst came from the fire extinguisher that Ianto was brandishing.

"And now the cake is ruined!"

Gwen laughed, "We figured it'd be anyway. Got another in the other room. Candle free."

Jack shook his head, "So this was just to... what?"

"I believe we were looking for entertainment."

"Yeah, that bit."

Jack shook his head once more at the two of them, "Like this place isn't enough you have to nearly set my desk on fire for my fake birthday."

"I think-"

"Yeah I mean-"

"Yeah, I'm with Gwen on this one."

"We say yes."

"Fine, but just don't forget I actually know when you're birthdays are."
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It doesn't matter what he was doing that day. Either of them could've been miles apart, at various times of the day. Art museums taking in a painting he hasn't seen in centuries or dank underground tunnels with an odor that he prays doesn't linger on the skin. It doesn't matter though, it all stays behind when they enter the door.

Twelve steps to check the water for the cat, and another ten to the couch. Fingertips find their way into hair, curling against knuckles and threading to the join of fingers. Nails drag lightly as the hand pulls away. The briefest contact that means so much more. The weight of a body leans against the backs of furniture pieces letting the day fade into another piece of history. That's all it ever becomes to them. Individual events that make up points in history that they'll look back at with a bit of fondness not for the events themselves, but for the moments when they let those points of existence just exist around them instead of with them.

They push past it, above it, around it, and against it if it seems like the struggle might be worth it. All it takes is a glance, sometimes less but Jack knows that the struggle is sometimes all he craves. That resistance to what was meant to be, that push of a fight making it seem like something is worth the effort. That to chose is more than just a priviledge it's a chance for something new, something different.

All it takes is ten minutes to change the world.

All it takes is one second to make a choice.

All it takes is one breath to change a life.
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"So tell me Jack Hark-"

"Captain Jack Harkness," he cuts in with the impish grin beaming brightly back at the man in the suit and tie with the microphone.

"Very well then, Captain Jack Harkness, tell me just what do you do for fun?"

"For fun? Oh... I guess you could say I save the world... you know, 'for fun', " is his reply. Still with that grin of near perfection and the slight cocky glow about him that even those all the way in the back row don't have a single doubt in.

"Saving the world? Well that has to get tiresome I'm sure. Seems every time we turn around something or another is happening, that ATMOS fiasco I'm sure no one saw coming. Did you have anything to do with the fire in the sky?"

The grin fades for a moment, nearly a slight narrow of his eyes as he shakes his head, "Unfortunately that little... well I say little because clearly it was seen from space, but still that display was no doubt the work of a friend of mine, The Doctor."

"So one might say that He saves the world for fun as well."

"You might say that."

"Well then Jac- Captain Jack Harkness, get ready for today because this is..." the dramatic build up is great. Really Jack is back to grinning as the man in the suit gestures to the live studio audience and gets them all to chant.


"That's right, and today Ja-Captain Jack Harkness, your job should you accept it is to save the world... with this ball of string, a hair pin and the lovely assistance of Miss Loretta Lynn!"

Lorette Lynn comes out from backstage waving to a crowd that once more is on their feet. Jack just shakes his head standing up from his stool and shaking Loretta's hand and kissing the back of it as well. A lovely chorus of 'ooooh' comes from the crowd and Jack simply waves them off.

"Oh there's one more catch... you have... ONE HOUR!!!"

The climactic drumroll is great, the cymbal crash though killed it for Jack.

"Can we see... THE CLOCK please!"

On the far wall the curtains pull back and the clock face is there, numbers and all but no hands.

"It's a clock with no hands!" declares Loretta Lynn.

"That's right. A clock with no hands. An impossible thing you might say... right Captain Jack Harkness?"

Captain Jack is stunned into silence for a moment, but when a secondary clock drops down in front of it with the digital display reading out with sixty minutes he's back on track.

"Jack, sweetheart tell me you gotta plan, cause all I'm seein' is a bunch a'nonsense not even MacGuyver could work with."

"MacGuyver was a tool," Jack teases before turning to the host of the show, "I'm sorry but what's the crisis? I mean you said save the world, but no one told me what exactly the problem is."

The host just shrugs his shoulders, "You should be able to figure it out, right?"

"Not in an hour!"

"Aren't you Torchwood though Sweetie, can't you just figure it out?"

"Loretta how do you know about Torchwood? You're not even from Cardiff?"

"Well I'm no Coal Miner's Daughter either, but I still got my way of finding things out."

Shaking his head at that Jack moves toward the ball of string and hair pin trying to see if there is something different about it. Of course it's too late and the buzzer sounds.

"What? There is no way that was an hour!"

"Oh I'm sorry, did we forget to tell you? We're on Vortex Time. It's been five days! We gave you a head start?"

"So did I not save the world?"


Jack turns around placing his hand above his eyes to look at the Judges from behind the bright lights.

"We'd like the Captain to pull a Listen. Listen. for our final call... with Miss Loretta Lynn."

Jack's body twisted around to face Loretta who simply shrugged at him, "I'm not even sure what a Listen. Listen. is to be honest."

Jack returned to the judges, "Fine I'll do the Listen. Listen, but I want to know will this affect my final results?"

"This is the tie-breaker Captain."

"Wait... I tied?? With who???"

The second wall spun around and there was The Doctor with his ball string wired all over the stage, the hair pin skating down on some sort of molecular forcefield with Shania Twain perched on his lap.

"Oh he got Shania? Who said you could use molecular forcefields???"

The Doctor winked and the stage turned back around again. "Fine! Loretta come here, I'm going to say a word... I want you to repeat it back to me. Whatever happens I need you to just go along with it.. Ready?"

Loretta nodded, standing right before the Captain.







"Listen..." Jack repeated before he leaned in and snogged Loretta. She went with it. Of course, and she went for it.

Pulling back from her his arms still around her Jack turned to the judges, "So?"

"We're sorry we were looking for the word... Chicken. The win goes to The Doctor!"

Jack quirks an eyebrow, "You asked for Listen. Listen, that was Listen. Listen!"

"Well... now Jack, no need to get angry," the Doctor replied as he came from backstage to congratulate well... himself on the win. "You always knew I'd save the world in the knick of time!"

"But... I don't understand!"

"Right, right... here, Listen."

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- I smell this way naturally
- I always come back
- I'm one of a kind
- Ianto makes the best coffee
- Rhys can hold his ale (for a while)
- Gwen made a beautiful bride
- Toshiko has great legs
- Owen doesn't annoy me all the time
- If you live in the Cardiff area despite best efforts you've heard of Torchwood
- If you think I look familiar to you, I just might be
- I'm older than I look
- I look amazing for my age
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The first time he dies in front of her she's not sure what's happening. To be fair, at the time he's not even sure who she is at all. She's still just another face out of focus in the back of his mind that pulls to the front in the midst of a dream he wishes he could remember better. Of course those dreams come more frequent, and draw in sharper over time, but still... he wouldn't have known her if she'd walked up to him that very day. It's Jack though, and of course he would have taken notice, but he doesn't know her... not the way she knows him.

Though who really knows Jack Harkness at all? He's just a borrowed name with a history that no one can explain away even if they tried. The people at his work don't understand him, they just know that he doesn't die. Even that secret he kept from them until he couldn't anymore. Being shot in the Hub sort of kills the suspense when you get back up again despite dying a few moments before.

She doesn't know that though... )

[ooc: Written as Jack's Perspective on this piece written by Ambitious-Woman here. Based on the 'Two Years Gained' Verse with Reinette.]
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Your fate with the Doctor
Your name?
You describe yourself as a...?
Favourite colour?
How did you meet the Doctor? He saved your life...after, most likely, endangering it in the first place...but you forgave him for it.
How much does the Doctor care for you? - 3%
Does he love you? (8) - My sources say no. - (8)
Do you love him? (8) - Most likely. - (8)
How many years will you travel with him? 7980
How will you die? The Doctor will kill you because either a)you're evil or b)to save you the physical agony of dying slowly due to torture or poison, etc.
This QuickKwiz by Lady_Boromir - Taken 294 Times.
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[the only html I changed was the colorbackground for those love him/love you things. Seriously I could've changed it all, but I DID NOT so :P]
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The Gower : Cathays - Cardiff, Wales
[legal drinking age = 18]
Brewery Information: Brains

Jack was looking forward to the event, though the slight ribbing he'd been getting most the week about how he'd copied off of the ladies would never grow tiresome he thought it was at least something to keep himself occupied, and otherwise avoiding their party. There were plans of mischief that had no doubt been springing up to his mind, but he'd stowed those all away for the time being.

Instead Jack focused on the evening, making sure that The Gower was booked and prepared for however many decided to join them. Their was a smoking room toward the back, which Jack also made sure was stocked with some of a private collection gifted to him during a back room meeting that shall remain as secret as it was during that war. He'd made sure to alert the staff that evening that some guests might seem a bit... unique, and that some would be bringing their own beverages as well. Extra room was made in the coolers and it seemed that for something that had the potential to be an evening to remember, it wasn't very much work in setting it up.

Glancing at the strap on his wrist, which was more than just an oversized watch, he figured his friends would be arriving at any moment. Which was good, since of all the people Jack knew, and for all the time he spent just waiting for things, he was certainly not very patient anymore.

[ooc: Uh. Show up? Drink Beer? Have fun? Sure.. that covers it. Oh don't be mean! OH some information on The Gower for you all! Built in 1895 apparently as a railway station building. In the 1950's, it had a kitchen in a part of the current bar, with a hatch (now bricked up) that sold food and drink to the outside World. A ghost called Henry apparently haunts the lounge.]


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